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I cannot log in to my account
If you are seeing an "Invalid ID and/or Password" message when you log into your Account, this indicates that the information being entered is incorrect.

This can apply to either your ID or your password.

To confirm your login details, you can use the "Lost Password?" tool located here:

For the 100 Day Challenge:

For Got Resolutions?:

We suggest copying and pasting the login details to be sure.

If you have the correct login information, but are still seeing this error message, please
submit a ticket and we'll look into this for you. Please include the login username and password you are using in your ticket.

Common causes for "Invalid ID and/or Password":

  1. Case Sensitive: Your username and password are “CaSe SeNsItIvE”. Please ensure that your capslock is off and that you are including any capitals letters. 
  2. Spaces: If you are copying and pasting your details from an email, check to see whether you are including any "spaces" before or after the username or password. A "space" will register as an extra character and generate an error. 
  3. Misread characters: '0' (zero) and 'o' or 'O' (letters) are often confused. If you have either of these in your password, you may be entering the wrong character. Other letters that are easily misread are 'I' (capital i) and an 'l' (small L).